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  1. Introduction
  2. Super Simple Calculator
  3. You Need To Get A Pet!
  4. Multiplication Arrays
  5. Hacker Code?
  6. Random Stuff
  7. Turtle Stuff
  8. Array of Stars
  9. Graph Paper
  10. Cobwebs
  11. Turtle Herd
  12. Turtle Race
  1. Lines in Tkinter
  2. Triangle Function
  3. Trig Demo
  4. Wavy Thing
  5. Colored Boxes
  6. Making Mazes
  7. Multiplication Table
  8. Oval Time
  9. Squiggle
  10. Arc de Triomphe
  11. Pine Tree
Prep For Final:

List twelve Python or Tkinter functions or techniques covered in this unit which you consider to be useful. Write a paragraph on one of these items. It is suggested that you review each project to refresh your memory of the material covered in this unit. Additionally, write a paragraph about iteration and how it is done in Python.

Final Assignment:

Create a comprehensive and original Python project in which a wide variety of Python functions and Tkinter functions are demonstrated. Keep in mind that simply demonstrating the use of these items will result in a very low grade. The project should be creative and innovative to the greatest degree possible.