Graphic Java

This assignment gives the student more practice using fillPolygon.
EXAMPLE: The student will create an applet like the one shown here. This activity provides the student with practice using fillPolygon.

Here's a method that will create a tree when passed the proper parameters:

  public void tree(Graphics g, int a, int b, int s){
    int x[]=new int[11];
    int y[]=new int[11];
    x[0]=a;         y[0]=b;
    x[1]=a+s;       y[1]=b+s*4/3;
    x[2]=a+s/2;     y[2]=b+s*4/3;
    x[3]=a+s*3/2;   y[3]=b+s*8/3;
    x[4]=a+s*2/3;   y[4]=b+s*8/3;
    x[5]=a+2*s;     y[5]=b+s*4;
    x[6]=a-2*s;     y[6]=b+s*4;
    x[7]=a-s*2/3;   y[7]=b+s*8/3;
    x[8]=a-s*3/2;   y[8]=b+s*8/3;
    x[9]=a-s/2;     y[9]=b+s*4/3;
    x[10]=a-s;      y[10]=b+s*4/3;
    g.fillRect(a-s/4, b+s*4, s/2,s/2);

You call it like this from the paint method:
    tree(g, 150, 50, 30);

The last parameter controls the size of the tree.