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The desert is full of lots of neat stuff to see. There are abandoned mines and cabins, donkeys, wildflowers, outhouses, old mine trails that lead to places unknown, and all manner of interesting wildlife to observe. Although it can get pretty darn hot in the summer, winters can be a lot colder than most people would expect. Although some would describe the landscape as barren, others see a distinctive beauty unlike anything else that the planet has to offer.

During wet years wildflowers plague the desert with their bright, annoying colors. Like pimples breaking out on the face of a teenager, wildflowers spoil an otherwise arid landscape. To put an end to the curse of wildflowers, miners introduced donkeys to the Mojave Desert and although the donkeys have failed to totally eradicate all the wildflowers, they have managed to eliminate a large number of them.

Outhouses are special places where miners were able to spend time alone with their thoughts in silent contemplation of the wonders of nature. Unfortunately, these sacred temples of meditation are slowly disappearing from the desert as they steadily rot and decay. However, their remnants are still around to remind us of the holy, tunnel-digging monks who at one time inhabited the Mojave Desert.


Inspect the code which produces the table displayed on the left side of this page. In particular, you should notice the use of the ALIGN attribute within the IMG tag.

You will create a table conforming to the following specifications:

  1. There will be a total of five cells divided into two rows. The top row will be a single cell and the other four cells will be of equal size and situated in the second row.
  2. The top cell will contain a title and nothing else. Use the H1 tag to produce large and bold letters.
  3. Each cell in the second row will contain an image, a title, and some additional text.
  4. Select a topic and create a coherent presentation using the format described here. You can be serious or humorous, but each cell in the second row should contain at least eighty words.
  5. The images you select (or create) must fit well with the content of each cell. Display two with a left alignment and the other with a right alignment.