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Blockquotes and Staggered Text

Inspect the presentation shown between the purple lines:

Stahl Peak, Montana

Mt Timpanagoes, Utah

Harney Peak, South Dakota

Lookout towers were used for a long time as a way to spot fires as early as possible so that firefighters could be deployed to the scene of the fire. Lookout towers are not used much any more since air surveillance and satellite surveillance works much better. Many lookout towers exist throughout the United States and around the world. There are many lookouts in Montana which are no longer used by the Forest Service which can be rented out by civilians. For $15 to $40 per night people can reserve a lookout where they can spend the night. Many of these lookouts are accessible by road. Some, however, require a bit of a hike to get to. Here's a description of one:

8 miles south of Trout Creek MT

Kootenai National Forest


The peak was named by forester I.V. Anderson and Harry Baker, supervisor of the Cabinet National Forest in the 1920's. The rumor most widely believed is that it was named after their topic of conversation that day. It lived up to its name when a patrol plane buzzed the lookout at eye level in the 1960's and found two lovers stark naked on the rocks. The first cab was a 1930 vintage L-4. This was replaced in 1948 by the present L-4 cab, and staffed through the mid-1970's. It was refurbished and placed on the Recreation Rental program in 1986, and is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register.

Sex Peak Lookout

Seven Points Lookout

Priscilla Peak Lookout

You will emulate the layout shown on this page. You will need to study the technique used to stagger the pictures and create the blockquote (the indented paragraph). Your page will have six images arranged like the ones on this page. A brief introductory paragraph and a blockquote paragraph. Typically, paragraphs displayed in blockquotes are excerpts taken from some other source. In this case, the blockquote information was taken from a page describing lookouts in Montana (many of which are available for rent). You will have to be pretty creative when it comes to deciding on a topic since your topic will have to provide you with the opportunity to display six pictures and display an excerpt in blockquotes. You will need to write an introductory paragraph of your own. Make sure you create a quality presentation.