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Managing Pictures and Text Using Tables
You can control the location of text and graphics using a table. Remember that you have the COLSPAN attribute to help you here. Assignment fifteen includes some information about COLSPAN. You should review it and then look at the code for this page. It should be noted that the use of tables to manage the location of images and text is not the preferred method, but in some situations it is a good option to consider.


Assignment: For this assignment you will create a table with a somewhat unique and interesting layout. You will need to go image hunting also since you will need pictures which fit into the table in a smooth manner. The first row of your table will be one column wide (the column will go all the way across the table).
More Information: This row will contain one wide, short image. The second row will contain two columns, each of which will be filled with text (approximately 30 words each). The bottom row of your table will have four columns, each holding one small image.

HINTS: The most columns in a single row for this assignment is four. So, the most columns that will need to be spanned is four. The row with only one column in it is where you will need to set a colspan to span the largest number of columns. You should take great care to ensure that all columns in a given row are the same size.