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Image Links

Click on each of the following links and then inspect the source code for this page as it pertains to these links:
Based on your observations, you should be able to conclude:
  • The target attribute in an ANCHOR tag directs the browser to open the page in a new tab.
  • Anchor tags can contain images instead of words.
  • Anchor tags can contain both images and words.
  • Images from other websites can appear on a page of a different website.
  • Images can also be stored locally.
  • Tags can be split between lines.


You will create a total of five web pages for this assignment. One page will be a home page and the other four will be destination pages with links back to the home page. On the home page you will place a title and four small thumbnail type images. On each destination page place a full size copy of each thumbnail, a title, and a brief blurb. The topic of your presentation is up to you, but each page should contain at least sixty words.
Recall that you can resize images like so: