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Special Characters

Certain characters are not accessible from the normal keyboard and some characters are reserved characters used by HTML. For both groups of characters there are special methods to get them to be displayed on a web page. Here is a list of a few special characters and their escape codes:
< less than > greater than & & ampersand " " quotation marks   space ® registered symbol © &copy copyright symbol ÷ ÷ division sign ° degree sign µ µ micro sign ± plus-or-minus sign
As you can see some symbols have alternative codes. The codes listed here are only a few of a very long list of such codes.

Here are a few examples as seen on a web page:
quotation marks   "
copyright symbol   ©
division sign   ÷
registered symbol   ®
degree sign   °
cent sign   ¢

You will make a web page which contains the following sections:

SECTION ONE: List ten cities along with their high and low temperatures for the day before the one on which you do this assignment. Actually look up the high and low temperatures for these cities. (How do I look up temperatures? DUH!!! Try,,, or any other such website.)

SECTION TWO: Make a list of ten division problems and their answers.

SECTION THREE: Create a list of ten food items which can be purchased for less than a dollar each. Use the cent symbol to display the cost of each item.

SECTION FOUR: List ten more escape codes for special characters which are not listed on this page.

NOTE: Actually use list tags to construct your lists!!!