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Embedding Video

Including video on a webpage is a common practice and so it would be good to know how to do it. It is also the case that embedding sound files can be useful and so although video is the main focus of this lesson, examples of how to do each will be included in this lesson. In fact, take a look at the source code for this page to see how the following files were embedded:

Notice that both embedded files were configured to fit within the 600 px width of the space allocated on this web page.

To see how JavaScript and Google ads can be included on a page inspect the source code for this page.

YouTube makes it easy to embed videos on a web page. In fact, YouTube provides all the HTML you need! All you have to do is click the SHARE button located beneath a video and then click the EMBED tab. From there you can just use the code provided or you can customize the size of the video so that it fits on your web page. It's almost too easy!

Find the SHARE button and the EMBED tab on this page:

Video page at YouTube.

You'll need to click "SHOW MORE" to see the interface which allows you to customize the size of the video.


Find a short video on YouTube on the topic of HTML. Pick one that is not too long. It would probably be best to select one with a focus on a specific tag. Some tags you might consider include: TABLE, TD, OL, DIV, FONT, META, or AUDIO, to name just a few. At the top of your page include an appropriate title. Under the title embed your video. Beneath the video write a summary (120 words or more) in which you outline the important ideas shared in the video you selected.