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This assignment requires you to use RGB color values to control the color of font, horizontal rules, background, and text. RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue. You can look at the code on this page for examples of how this is done. [MAJOR NOTE: Click here for some HR pointers]
White=ffffff               black=000000            red=ff0000
green=??????               blue=??????             yellow=??????
orange=??????              pink=??????             purple=??????
cyan=??????                magenta=??????          rose=??????

Part of your assignment is to fill in the correct values for the above color names. You can do this in a couple ways. One way is to experiment by typing in the color values for horizontal rules in the code portion of a page and then take a look with the browser to see what color you get. The other way is to click here to use a page specially designed to help you determine the hexadecimal values associated with different colors.
Getting back to the assignment: You will have a title (something to do with color on web pages), the list from above (with correct values filled in), and twelve horizontal rules corresponding to each of the colors in the table. {NOTE: If your browser doesn't support colored HRs just set the font color and substitute a row of X's or something for each HR. To do this just type < font color=ffff00 > } Set your background color to a shade of gray so that all the HRs will show. The bgcolor, text color, HR colors, and the color for your title must all be set using hexadecimal values. If you aren't sure what this means just look at the code for this page and you will see examples of all these. (The background must be set, not left at default value... default means what it is without setting it.)
Hexadecimal Numbers: The common bases which people use are base 10 (decimal), base 2 (binary), base eight (octal), and base sixteen (hexadecimal). Here is a table with some selected values:
1                     1                 1                     1
5                   101                 5                     5
10                 1010                12                     A
14                 1110                16                     E
20                10100                24                    14
33               100001                41                    21

You may or may not see what's going on with hexadecimal numbers from this table. But, for now, just remember that hexadecimals are composed of the following characters: 0-9 and A-F.