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Top ten lists are fun to make. Here's a top ten list of top ten list topics:

  1. Hottest Places on Earth
  2. Favorite Holidays
  3. Best-Selling Cars
  4. Richest People In Canada
  5. Favorite Flavor of Herbal Tea
  6. Tallest Mountains in the World
  7. Fastest 10km Runners in History
  8. Best Running Shoes
  9. Worst Stain-Making Substances
  10. Hottest Days In Trona
This example shows what is known as an ordered list and is produced using the OL tag in combination with the LI (list item) tag. See the source code to see how it's done!
Another kind of list is known as the unordered list (UL tag). Here's an example:

  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Utah
  • Wyoming
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Nevada
Inspect the source code to see how the tags are used.
Math Equations
Check out the source code and make sure that you can figure out what the U, B, SUP, and SUB tags do. Also figure out how to change the color and size of text. On top of that, see if you can figure out what you need to do to display less than and greater than symbols on a web page.
Inequalities: 5<6, 12>10, 55<100, 23>18

Exponents: 82=64, 24=16, 35=243

Expanded Notation: 2345=2*1000 + 3*100 + 4*10 + 5*1

Some uses for subscript:

Chemical Formulas: Hydrogen Peroxide = H2O2

Identification of Base Number Systems: 1112=710

Alternatively: 166dec=A6hex

ASSIGNMENT: Your assignment is to create four top ten lists using the OL (ordered list) tag and the LI (list item) tag as shown in the above example. Make sure that your page has one extra large title at the top and then a title for each top ten list. Try to make your lists interesting and original, but don't make them random collections which indicate that you didn't put much effort into this assignment. (Each list should be separated using horizontal rules.)