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  1. Sole Survivor
  2. Germ Warfare
  3. Jumping Stars
  4. Safety First!
  5. Marching Ants
  6. Apples Fall
  7. Array and Circle
  8. Demolition Derby
  9. Ork Bus
  10. Raining Nuts
  11. Incorporating Sounds
  12. Tortoise Blocks
  1. Cascade of Clones
  2. Mushroom Cloud
  3. Recursion 01
  4. Recursion 02
  5. Recursion 03
  6. Recursion 04
  7. Hollow Embedded Stars
  8. Shapes in a Chain
  9. Band Loops
  10. Trig Basic Demo
  11. Complex Rotation
  12. Custom Graph
Final Assignment:

This is your chance to create something original using the skills you've learned while completing the assignments listed in this unit. As you work on each assignment ask yourself how Scratch can be used to create something fun and/or useful. Write down your ideas and be prepared by the time you finish all twenty-four assignments to put together something spectacular. You can put a lot of work into the art part of the assignment, but keep in mind that demonstrating your proficiency with the coding tools in Scratch is what's going to earn you the most points.