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  1. Killer Karrot
  2. Tic Tac Toe
  3. Simple Song / Clock
  4. Musical Fish
  5. Spelling Test
  6. Happy Birthday
  7. Flag and Song
  8. Dino Girl One
  9. Dino Girl Two
  10. Dino Girl Three
  11. Recursive Beans
  12. Bowling Alley
  1. Tornado Alley
  2. Random Rockets
  3. Map Lesson
  4. Secret Treasure Maze
  5. Recursive Random Orbs
  6. Typewriter One
  7. Typewriter Two
  8. Connect The Dots
  9. Cloning Around
  10. Endless Road
  11. Skeeters
  12. Helicopter Pick Up
Final Assignment:

At the end of the fourth semester you will be required to create a final assignment. This is your chance to create something original using the skills you've learned while completing the assignments listed in this and the next unit. As you work on each assignment ask yourself how Scratch can be used to create something fun and/or useful. Write down your ideas and be prepared by the time you finish Unit Four to put together something spectacular. You can put a lot of work into the art part of the assignment, but keep in mind that demonstrating your proficiency with the coding tools in Scratch is what's going to earn you the most points.