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Jumping Jacks

   To get sprites representing humans or animals to move, it is often necessary to draw them in different positions. In this example, we have a stick person doing jumping jacks. In addition to changing costumes during different phases of the jumping jack exercise, the sprites also move up and down to further simulate the motion of a person doing jumping jacks. This crude animation includes a sprite with an over-sized head, which makes it impossible for the hands to touch above the head. Feel free to fix that defect if you'd like!


Alter and extend the sample project in the following ways:

  1. Make seven smaller stick people
  2. Have them all jump together at the same rate
  3. Space them out evenly
HINT: There are a couple strategies that can be used to successfully complete this assignment. One is to delete two of the stick figure sprites, make changes to the remaining one, and then just make copies which are positioned at different spots on the screen.