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Your job is to remix the demo project and make the following alterations:

  1. Extend the 2x2 grid into a 3x3 grid with the center of the grid at (0,0).
  2. Place the first nine letters of the alphabet in the nine cells of your gird. Letters A, B, and C will go in the first row. D, E, and F will go in the second row. G, H, and I will go in the bottom row.
  3. Each letter must be a different color.
  4. The letters must be reasonably well-centered in each cell.
  5. The letters should all be more or less the same size
This test is worth ten points. Four points will be awarded for successfully making a 3x3 grid with its center at (0,0) and six points will be awarded for placing the nine letters in the nine grids as specified. Points will be deducted for failure to follow the specifications regarding color, centering, and size.


Your job is to replicate the project shown in the video. Grading will be as follows (one point per item):

  1. Blocks
  2. T,R,N,A movement
  3. O movement
  4. Draw rectangle using Pen tools
  5. Rectangle change colors (blue/white)