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Blackboard Lesson:

Back in the olden days classrooms were equipped with chalkboards and teachers used chalk to write lessons and notes on them. Most chalkboards were a very dark shade of green. One of the most annoying issues with chalkboards was that chalk dust would accumulate and if it got into the air it might make anyone who was near it sneeze or cough.

As you can see in the sample Scratch project we have a teacher or a professor standing by a chalkboard. If you activate the applet the teacher waves his pointer up and down, but there is nothing on the chalkboard!

View project at Scratch


Your job will be to put a five-part lesson on the chalkboard. It could be on any reasonable topic, but a five-step how-to type of presentation probably would be the most straight forward thing to do. (You may do more than five parts if you want, but five is the minimum.)

Although there are usually different approaches that can be taken when it comes to something like this, here's what you should do in this lesson:

  1. Create a sprite and give it at least five costumes which illustrate the steps in your project.
  2. The costumes will probably mostly be words, but at least a couple diagrams should be included.
  3. Use the spacebar to advance from one slide to the next. When the lesson is over simply cycle back to the beginning of the lesson.
  4. Make sure that your lesson sprite stays behind the pointer. It would be very odd for the stuff on the board to appear to be in front of the pointer!
  5. Alter the appearance of the teacher sprite. You can give the sprite a little bit of a makeover or you can completely transform it, but keep it to about the same size on the screen.
  6. Provide "Instructions" on your project page at Scratch so that the user knows what to expect.