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Happy Face

Study the code for this project carefully. Make sure you understand it completely before proceeding to the assignment.

PEACE SIGN - Sometimes contemptuously referred to as the footprint of the North American chicken, the peace sign is usually thought of as a good thing. Its construction is simple and easily reproduced.


Produce the following changes to the demo project:

  • Swap a peace sign for the happy face and change the key which activates the peace sign to the p key.
  • Set up a when I receive ______ block to draw your peace sign.
  • Use broadcast ______ and wait blocks to draw a row of ten peace signs automatically along the bottom of the project screen area when the green flag is clicked.
  • Allow the user to change the color of the peace signs drawn when the p key is pressed to red, light blue, green, orange, and yellow. Use the r, b, g, o, and y keys for this.
The stamp block may not be used in this project!