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When it comes to drawing something like the star shown in the demo project, Control blocks (specifically the Repeat block) are indispensable. Using wait blocks is also nice since they cause the star to be rendered in a much more enjoyable manner. Study the code for this project carefully. Be sure to experiment with the use of the repeat block in order to fully appreciate its usefulness. (QUESTION: Is it possible to draw stars with an even number of points using this method?)


Alter and extend the sample project in the following ways:

  1. Instead of drawing a single star, you will draw three: five-pointed, seven-pointed, and nine-pointed. Each will require its own button.
  2. Also include a separate button which clears the screen and eliminate the clear feature from the buttons which draw the stars.
  3. Make sure that the stars and buttons are spaced out evenly so that the screen area is used in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner.
  4. Use wait blocks as shown in the example.
HINT: This page might help!