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Four Corners

Remix the project shown on this page, but implement the following alterations:

  1. Reduce the size of the stars to twenty-five percent of their regular size.
  2. Alter their path so that they start and end closer to the center of the screen and so that they travel right up into the corner of the screen without actually touching the edges.
  3. Have them complete this path only four times.
NOTE: An important thing you should figure out is what are the coordinates of each corner of the screen. You probably realize that the coorinates of the center of the screen are (0,0) and in the demo project the paths of the stars start at (40,40), (40,-40), (-40,-40), and (-40,40). However, since the screen is wider than it is tall, the coordinates at the corners are not quite so simple.

Inspect project at Scratch