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The End

Funny title for the first assignment for the course, but sometimes it's best to start at The End! When you click the green flag for the Scratch project embedded on this page, you will see two words move from opposite corners to the middle of the screen area. Inspect the code for this project and verify that you understand how and why it works before proceeding.


This assignment is pretty straight forward, but first a word from our sponsor...
ACADEMIC HONESTY: There are many reasons why "honesty is the best policy," but two will be mentioned here. First of all, it is not fair for people to cheat and to take credit for work they did not do. Everybody wants to be treated fairly and so if you expect fairness, then you should not cheat. Secondly, when you cheat you do not learn the concept taught in a lesson. If you don't learn the basic concepts you will have more and more difficulty understanding course content and the more dependent you will become on cheating. So, do yourself a huge favor and don't cheat. It is better to struggle and get a C than to cheat and get an A.
Okay, so let's get on with the assignment!

Your job is to select a word six or more letters long. You should select a word that is not being used by any of your classmates. (It might be necessary to register the word with your instructor depending on how large the class is.) Make a sprite for each letter and slide each letter into position as demonstrated in the sample project. Hide the letters until it is their turn to slide from the corner to their position at the center of the screen.

Finally, your project must be a remix of the demo project. You may not remix another project. Properly remixing the demo project will actually save you time, but you'll have to get used to using the Scratch interface before you can take full advantage of all the available features.

View project at Scratch

View demo video at YouTube

View demo shown on this page at YouTube