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Scratch sample projects:
Plant Hunters
Plant Hunters is a book about a group of boys who make videos about their adventures searching for plants in the wilderness.
Schools would be dirty, filthy places without them!
The Wiggles
Sometimes it's hard to sit still and you just gotta move!
Germs come in many shapes and sizes...
Imitation Compounds
They can be split into two words, but...
Time Shifting
Twice a year clocks must be adjusted!
A Snail's Life
Snail narrowly escapes death three times in one song!
Dino Girl
Young dinosaur dreams of devouring an innocent penguin!
9000 Penguins
A bunch of penguins aren't happy about losing their ice.
Kill Bugs
Control a tank to pursue and demolish disgusting bugs.
Thrashing Holiday Inflatables
Evil ninjas destroy holiday decorations.
Raven Food
Cat goes missing and owner wonders what happened.
Hannah Banana Song
A short parody of a song by a popular female singer.
Mosquitoes attack an unfortunate guy camping in the woods.
Deadly heat is a pure delight to some!
Pillow Lullaby
Some lullabies produce dreams, others...
Happy Mother's Day
Mom is wow turned upside down!
Designer Trees
A few Christmas tree designs drawn turtle-style!
Sister Margaret Mary
She was a harsh disciplinarian...
Drone Wars
Duck hunters hunted by killer drones.
Fully Hydrated
The Dehydration Pirate talks about the...
Little Foam Darts
Kids have a lot of fun playing with little foam darts!
Russian Cosmonaut
Female cosmonaut drifts off into space.
Turkeys insist that peas replace them on T-day!

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Scratch is a programming environment developed by the Life-Long Kindergarten group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It's purpose is to help kids learn to write computer programs!!! Visit the Scratch website for more information!