Black Turtle: Twenty Short Stories

by Randel McGirr
01. Just A Quick Ride     (questions)
02. Pretending To Hunt     (questions)
03. The Hermit's Diary     (questions)
04. The Demise of Hollow Rock     (questions)
05. So Nice and Tanned     (questions)
06. The Cactus-Nappers     (questions)
07. The Mile Run     (questions)
08. Commercials     (questions)
09. Washed Away     (questions)
10. Mine Shaft Rescue     (questions)
11. Doug's Dinosaur Story     (questions)
12. Koala In The Desert     (questions)
13. The Collection     (questions)
14. The Lizard People     (questions)
15. The Goat Roping Contest     (questions)
16. Art and Stealth     (questions)
17. Hunt For Black Turtle     (questions)
18. July     (questions)
19. Tribulations     (questions)
20. Dry River Versus Liberty     (questions)
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