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Language Arts - Word Analysis - Compound Words

A compound word is a word which is made up of two words put together to make a new word. The meaning of a compound word is composed of the combined meanings of the two words which it is made of. Here are some common compound words:

	stovepipe		driveway			applesauce

	rattlesnake		catfish				butterfly

	homesick		nationwide			breakfast

Compound words are formed when two or more words are put together.

	grass + hopper = grasshopper
	grape + vine = grapevine
	fire + works = fireworks
	south + east = southeast
	cow + boy = cowboy
	home + sick = homesick
	fire + place = fireplace

Here are some more compound words:

	railroad		outside			motorcycle

	overestimate		breakfast		everything	

	peanut			chestnut		hardwood

	overheat		pancake			panhandle

Some words look like compound words, but are not actually compound words:

	carpet			acorn			office

	hemlock			season			notice

        father                  catalog                 puppet
        parsnip                 feather                 mandate
        forage                  submit                  patriot
        rearrange               inconsiderate           donkey
        carrot                  combat                  furlong
        napkin                  kitten                  partridge
        abundance               button                  tablet

These words can be split into two words, but the meaning of the whole word is not derived from the meanings of the two parts. For instance,

	car + pet  --> Although carpet is made of the letters which make
			the words "car" and "pet", the meaning of carpet
			is not the result of a combination of the
			ideas "car" and "pet".

	a + corn   --> You can divide acorn into the words "a" and "corn", 
			but the meaning of acorn has nothing to do with
			either of these words.

	off + ice  --> The word office can be divided into "off" + "ice",
			but its meaning is not made of these two ideas.

	hem + lock --> The meanings of the words "hem" and "lock" do not 
			combine to help us to understand the meaning of

Is "earwig" a compound word?

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